TESA ClinoBEVEL 2 Electronic Inclinometer

TESA ClinoBEVEL 2 Electronic Inclinometer

Portable precision inclinometer. Measuring range ±45° with indication of angle or inclination. Integrated temperature compensation 2 prismatic measuring faces. Spirit level integrated in transverse direction to eliminate "twist" error. Simple and rapid calibration: correction of gain by the 3-point method and software integrated in the instrument. Microprocessor-based features for display setting and instrument adjustment.

The CLINOBEVEL 2 can be used on its two reference faces.

It can also be connected to a second CLINOBEVEL 2 instrument for a differential measurement (Comparative): one of the two instruments operates as a reference without the need to connect to a computer.

The integrated RS 232 interface enables the connection of the instrument to a computer.

Magnetic inserts can be integrated on the measuring faces on request as a special execution.



No. Description Range Interval mm Price (£) Qty
05330202 Electronic Inclinometer TESA CLINOBEVEL 2± 45º≥ 5100 x 150 x 352949.00- +
Optional Accessories
S53070174 USB connecting cable to PC L = 2.5m 235.00 - +

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