Length and Angle Standards

The high accuracy of TESA's gauge blocks is the result of years of experience in producing and making use of these products.
Use of high quality raw materials and appropriate heat treatment, thus guaranteeing a durable shape and dimensional stability of the gauge blocks over years.
Very low deviations in flatness and parallelism of the measuring faces, resulting in highly accurate gauges.
Unique flat lapping polish as well as edge rounding techniques, leading to superior wringability.
Proper serial number marked on each gauge block.

Gauge blocks with metric nominal lengths conform to ISO 3650:1998. This international standard is based on the ones published either in a region, e.g. the European standard EN ISO 3650:1998 or in a country, e.g. the Swiss standard SN EN ISO 3650, German standard DIN EN ISO 3650 or French standard NF EN ISO 3650. Gauge blocks with imperial nominal lengths comply with BS 4311 - Part 1. Compared to earlier standards, ISO 3650:1998 includes the following main changes:
Withdrawal of the accuracy grade 00
Introduction of requirements as regards the uncertainty of measurement in relation to the declaration of conformance of the product according to ISO 14253-1:1998.