TESA-HITE 400/700
TESA-HITE 400/700

TESA-HITE 400/700

By their robustness and reliability, the TESA-HITE 400 and 700 provided with its
optoelectronic incremental rule (TESA patented) measurement system are ideally
suited for applications in the workshop.
Their battery power gives them full autonomy.
Each version allows, among other things, the entry height dimensions or staged,
the diameter, the distance between two grooves or two holes and groove width.
  • Integrated air-bearing for easy displacement across the granite plate.
  • Electronics totally protected against oil and water splashing, dust particles (IP65).
  • Control panel with numerical display to 0,0001 / 0,001 / 0,01 mm or 0.00001 / 0.0001 / 0.001 in.
  • Dynamic probing of the workpiece with a constant measuring force.
  • Easiness, high reliability when checking bores or shafts using TESA's unique device for automatic detection of the culmination point – patented.
  • Acoustic signal to acknowledge value capture, also conveniently programmable.
  • Ability to measure any deviation in parallelism.
  • Possible use of a digital sensor for determining perpendicularity errors with stated angle of the linear regression line.
  • Patented TESA's opto-electronic system. Long-lasting stability of the glass scale for unbroken high accuracy.
  • Large LC display with symbols for the measuring functions.
  • Zero-setting anywhere within the measuring range.
  • PRESET function for entering any given value.
  • Metric/inch conversion.
  • RS 232 data output.
  • SCS calibration certificate provided with each height gauge.

Each height gauge is supplied with the following standard accessories:

00760143 Standard probe insert holder

00760164 Standard probe insert with a 5mm dia. tungsten carbide ball tip

00760219 Master piece for establishing the probe constant, nominal dimension to 6.350 mm / 0.250 in

00760226 Electric pump for creating the air-cushion beneath the gauge base, already mounted

00760157 Rechargeable battery, 6V

04761054 Mains adapter 100/240 VAC / 50/60 Hz

04761055 Cable EU for mains adapter

04761056 Cable US for mains adapter.

No. Model mm/in With standard accessory mm/in With Insert Holder (00760057) mm/in With Insert Holder (S007001622) mm/in Accuracy Weight (kg) Price (£) Qty
00730043 Model 400415/16570/22625/24795/312,5 4 L273242.00- +
00730044 Model 700715/28870/34925/361095/432,5 4 L323754.00- +
Optional Accessories
04761052 Extension cable, Sub-D 9p/f to 9p/m, 2 m 26.00 - +
04761063 Sub-D 9p/m to USB cable, 2 m 145.00 - +
04760070 RS port, used to connect a digital sensor for perpendicularity measurement 36.00 - +

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