TESA-ÁHITE - 0-360mm

TESA-ÁHITE - 0-360mm

TESA-µHITE height gauge with extended application range (0-360 mm/ 0-14.2 in)

Provided with the following components (must be ordered under 2 positions)

S07600163  1 TESA Measuring support, granite measuring table, size 300 x 400 x 50 mm, guiding column with a 50 x 500 mm diameter

00730054  1 TESA-µHITE electronic length measuring unit

Compact design with measuring stand included - Sensor equipped with a system for coaxial measuring according to the Abbe principle or using an offset probe relative to the gauge axis.  Measures internal, external, height, depth, step and distance dimensions on geometric elements having either a flat, parallel or cylindrical surface. - Automatic detection of the culminating point on bores or shafts - dynamic probing with memory functions «max.», «min «max.- min.».   The whole system provides the best solution for measuring straightness, flatness and parallelism or inspecting axial and radial runouts depending on the chosen tool configuration.

  • Ideal for workpiece inspection close to the production area
  • 100 mm measuring span.
  • 0.001 mm and 0.0001 mm or 0.0001 in and 0.00001 in scales intervals
  • Max. perm. error as low as 2 µm (or 1µm when checking coaxiality).
  • Integrated temperature sensor so that the coefficient of linear expansion of each gauge unit matches that of steel ( 11,5 x 10-6  K-1 ).
  • Motorised measuring head for fast probing at each point.
  • Automatic value capture, controlled over the stability of the measuring force, but also all measured values.
  • Constant measuring force through the motor-driven actuator. Switchable.
  • No manualcalculation needed.
  • RS 232 data output with direct connection to TESA PRINTER SPC.
  • Memory capacity for 99 single values.

Also included:

00730050  1 TESA-µHITE value sensor  Range 100mm / 4 in

00760204  1 Control panel.  To be connected to TESA-µHITE.  Interval 0,001-0,0001 mm / 0.0001 - 0.00001 in

00760191  1 Connecting cable for TESA-µHITE to control panel

00760195  1 Axial insert holder with M2.5 thread

03510002  1  Insert with a 3 mm dia. tungsten carbide ball tip

00760197  1 Insert with a 5 mm dia. tungsten carbide ball tip, offset

00760192  1 Master piece for establishing probe constant, nominal dimension 10 mm / 0.39370

04761054  1 Mains adapter 110 to 240Vac/50 to 60 Hz

04761055  1 Cable EU for mains adapter

04761056  1 Cable US for mains adapter

038407     1 Suited plastic case

No. Description Price (£) Qty
00730054 TESA-µHITE electronic length measuring unit3015.00- +
00730050 1 TESA-µ Hite value sensor1903.00- +
00760204 Control panel, connected to TESA-µHite726.00- +
00760191 Cable for connecting TESA-µHite to control panel103.00- +
00760195 Probe insert holder, axial with a M2.5 thread55.00- +
03510002 Probe insert with a 3mm dia. tungsten carbide ball tip7.40- +
00760197 Probe insert with a 5mm dia. tunsten carbide ball tip, offset90.00- +
00760192 Master piece for est. the probe constant, nominal dimension 10mm/0.39370463.00- +
04761054 Mains adapter, 100 to 240 Vac/ 50 to 60 Hz51.00- +
04761055 Cable EU for mains adapter6.80- +
04761056 Cable US for mains adapter6.80- +

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