External Micrometers

The introduction of the micrometer to the mechanical world came about by the visit of the two American engineers, Joseph R. Brown and Lucian Sharpe, to the Paris Exhibition in 1867. At that time, their attention was called to the Palmer's invention, which greatly interested them. After some improvements of the Palmer design, the product was manufactured on a large scale and marketed successfully by the two partners.

The story repeated in the past as TESA SA decided to manufacture external micrometers making them the first products produced by the company. Yet no matter what you measure - internal or external dimensions - all TESA and ETALON micrometers are world-class products in design and quality.

With a very few exceptions (e.g. external micrometers for gear tooth measurements), our micrometers respect the Abbe principle, i.e. the comparator's one (also read in the General Information). Their spindles are ground on modern grinding machines and the profile of the screw is accurately restored with negligible pitch deviations. Such manufacturing conditions are the guarantee for very low measurement uncertainties. The micrometers of both TESA and ETALON premium brands are robust with ergonomic design.

Besides external micrometers in standard or special versions, we also offer micrometer heads, depth micrometers, full micrometer sets as well as a wide number of accessories plus all what you need for your calibrations. Each model provides either an analogue or a digital indication according to the execution. The models with electrical measuring system also include an RS 232 digital interface.