Software for Data Acquisition

Software for Data Acquisition

DATA-Direct is a comprehensive software for real-time processing of data collected from virtually any measuring instrument fitted with an RS 232 or USB digital output and made by TESA.

DATA-Direct is provided with drivers for serial input/output ports, which are specially configured for those instruments. The software works effectively and can perform data transfer in real time from the precision handtool to your data sheets, Dbase, statistics module or any other Windows-based applications.

DATA-Direct is a truly flexible software that provides Users with the ability to create custom made inspection reports when checking part features using a TESA measuring instrument.

TESA StatExpress is the software that introduces Quality Assurance in your manufacturing process.  This software can be used for data acquisition , including data management, analysis and backup options for your quality control charts.

TESA StatExpress is compatible with any measuring instrument from TESA - from simple caliper to CMMs and vision systems for non-contact measurement.  Due to the flexibility of TESA Data-Direct integrated into TESA StatExpress, the software can easily communicate with all electronic devices currently available on the market.

TESA StatExpress allows Users to create inspection reports related to the  measurements taken with one or several measuring tools, add toleraces, perform statistical calculation, print inspection report, calculate XR control charts, and much more.

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04981001 DATA-DIRECT Software and dongle435.00- +
04981002 STAT-EXPRESS software and dongle1013.00- +