TESATRONIC TT20 and TT60 Probe Display Units

TESATRONIC TT20 and TT60 Probe Display Units

  • Functional reliability.
  • User-friendly.
  • Essential for inspection in production or metrology laboratory.
Combined digital and analogue indication
2 probe inputs for single measurements, sum and difference measurements
  • Large LC display for comfortable and error-free reading.
  • Pseudo-analogue bargraph indication for a better repeatability and negligible hysteresis.
  • Choice between pointer or bargraph indication.
  • LCD display for all functions.
  • 7 measuring ranges, switchable manually or automatically according to the measured value.
  • Direct conversion from metric to inch units.
  • Touch button for the indication setting of of each measuring channel.
  • Keys for introducing limit values.
  • Classification of values (3 classes) and display through colour LEDs with signal outputs.
  • Locking of displayed values for step by step measurement routines.
  • Automatic recognition of the type of connected TESA probe with adaptation of the measurement signals to the value of output connected (valid only for TESA probes produced from 1997 onwards).
  • Opto-coupled RS232 output, bidirectional.
  • Power supply through mains adapter.
Same features as TESATRONIC TT 20, but with following added functions:
  • Memory for retaining extreme values "max.", "min.", "max.-min." along with mean value obtained from "max." minus "min.".
  • Dynamic measurement with acquisition of >100 single values.
  • Value classification with output signals through contact relay for 5, 10, 20 or 40 acceptable classes.
  • Analogue output for exterior processing of signals.
Delivered with the following accessories:
04761054 Battery charger 100 ÷ 200 VAC, 50 ÷ 60 Hz, 6,6 V DC, 750 mAh supplied without power cable.
04761055 Mains cable EU for charger 0471054.


No. Description Price (£) Qty
04430009 TESATRONIC TT20 Display unit for 1 or 2 inductive probes1080.00- +
04430010 TESATRONIC TT60 Display unit for 1 or 2 inductive probes1499.00- +
Optional Accessories
04768000 Hand switch for manually triggering data transfer. Jack plug connector, 1,8 m - TESA SPC PRINTER printer - TESATRONIC TT display units 68.00 - +
04768001 Foot switch for triggering data transfer. Jack plug, 1,8 m - TESA SPC PRINTER printer - TESATRONIC (TT ) display units 179.00 - +
04761062 Opto-USB cable, Duplex, 2m Bidirectional communication 168.00 - +
04761049 Opto-RS cable, Duplex, 2m Bidirectional communication 102.00 - +

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