TESA Probe Interface Boxes - BPX Series
TESA Probe Interface Boxes - BPX Series

TESA Probe Interface Boxes - BPX Series

Modular system available in 2 versions (BPX and TWIN-Station) for the conversion of measured signals to digital values and transmission of these values to a computer. These units are key components for multigauging inspection fixtures for centralised process control systems.

Signal inputs – 1 to 4 TESA standard half-bridge probes.
Signal output – digital, RS232 through USB port.
  • Direct connection to the computer's USB port.
  • Stand Alone operating mode: program routine via the computer, enabling the BPX box to execute a simple measuring function with classification signal relay via connector Sub-D 15P.
  • Optimal adaptation for various measuring applications, for example, connection of 16 probes thanks to serial USB connections on 4 BPX boxes.
  • Increased functional reliability and high precision.
  • Increased immunity to negative environmental effects, whether of electrical origin or provoked by liquid and solid contaminants.
  • BPX is compatible and can be used with TWIN-station.
  • TIS interface software is included in the BPX (part number 05030012) for display of measured values. Possibility of indicating tolerance values, and simple functions +A, -A, +A+B, +A-B, export of values to a .csv file.
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