Standard Probes  2 mm, 4,3mm Bolt Travel, Linear Travel
GTL 211

Standard Probes 2 mm, 4,3mm Bolt Travel, Linear Travel

Universal probes for standard and continual usage applications.

  • Probe housing Ø 8 mm with possibility of clamping over its entire length.
  • Measuring bolt mounted on a ball bearing.
  • Both the probe housing and ball-bearing guide are separate from one another, so that the measuring bolt moves easily even if the probe is not clamped appropriately.
  • Degree of protection IP65 according to IEC 60529.
  • Wide range of accessories including measuring inserts, spring sets, etc.
  • LVDT probes compatible with measuring equipment from other makers available on request.

* Electrical zero (N) ± 25 % deviation limit. Valid in vertical mounting position, measuring bolt lowered and in static measuring.

No. Model Measuring range, mm ± Nominal measuring force∗, N Measuring bolt retraction Sealing bellows Price (£) Qty
03230057 GTL 2120.63MechanicalViton282.00- +
03230072 GTL 21120.63VacuumViton308.00- +
03230056 GTL 2220.63VacuumViton292.00- +