All TESA CMM's can accept 3 different manual probe heads to offer the solution that meets each user's need. Each probe head is available from a full range of touch-trigger probes besides high precision SWISS MADE accessories fitting any type of hand-operated measuring machines.

The software is very well suited to the MICRO-HITE 3D DUAL, making it a versatile
machine that can be used by everyone, whether in a laboratory or in a workshop.
As it can be used in 2 modes this increases productivity and the machine can be
used for a longer period of time in the manufacturing chain.
Manual, motorised, automatic displacement.
Maintenance agreement on request.
1 year warranty.
No. Description mm Software Measuring head Price (£) Qty
03939267 MH3D Dual 454 (HH-T)454TESA-REFLEX DualHH-T21910.00- +
03939268 MH3D Dual 454 (HH-MI-M)454TESA-REFLEX DualHH-MI-M25140.00- +
03939269 MH3D Dual 454 (HH-MI)454TESA-REFLEX DualHH-MI24130.00- +

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