TESA UPT Temperature Devices

Fully calibrated for the measuring ranges from 19°C up to 24°C with a numerical interval to 0,001°C.
Supplied with a calibration certificate issued by the Swiss Calibration Service (SCS). Uncertainty of measurement achieved during calibration U = ± 0,03°C.

05930011 consisting of 05960018, 05960038, 05960012, 05960011, 05960012 and 05960026


No. Description Price (£) Qty
05930011 Temperature measurement device18343.00- +
05960018 Set of 4 temperature sensors PT 1001656.00- +
05960038 Measuring unit for temperature, FLUKE 1529POA
05960012 Interface Box 4 x PT 100359.00- +
05960011 Connecting cable for adapter No. 05960012 to measuring unit No. 05960038152.00- +
05960026 Connecting cable from UPC to computer (9-pin/m and 9-pin/f connector)152.00- +

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