TESA UP Software Programme for Value Processing

TESA UP programme for processing measured values suitable for both TESA gauge block comparators UPD and UPC as well as for comparators from other manufacturers.
  • Choice of 10 languages
  • On-line processing of length and temperature values as transferred.
  • Measurement cycles and result outputs according to EN ISO 3650.
  • Flexible architecture for optimum adaptation to specific user's needs.
  • Possible entry of limit values and accuracy grades peculiar to users.
  • Surveillance of value dispersion or value drift throughout length and temperature measurements.
  • Automatic execution of all relevant corrections. The programme makes allowances for actual sizes of the reference standards, flattening due to different materials used (steel, tungsten carbide, ceramic), compensation of temperature variations with reference to 20°C according to the varying coefficients of linear expansion – as typical examples.
  • Assignment of gauge blocks to their relevant grade.
  • Possible storage of gauge block set related data.
  • Inch or metric value processing
  • Calibration certificate in various versions.
1 CD-ROM plus 1 USB key of protection.
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05960025 TESA UP software programme for gauge block calibration3096.00- +

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