COMPAC 240 Reduced Range Models
COMPAC 240 Reduced Range ModelsCOMPAC 240 Reduced Range ModelsCOMPAC 240 Reduced Range Models

COMPAC 240 Reduced Range Models

Essential for the workshop, but also in the inspection room or measuring laboratory.  Ideal for comparative measurement on a surface plate. Detect form and position errors.  Measure axial and radial runouts, especially.

  • Long measuring travel, up to 3 mm.
  • Bidirectional measuring, without reversing lever.
  • Same rotation direction of pointers in the two measuring directions (clockwise pointer direction).
  • Swivelling probe through 180˚.
  • Main pivot on self-aligning angular bearings, dimensioned oversize.
  • Dovetail mounting machined in the indicator housing.
  • Dull-chrome plated bezel and housing.
  • Rotating dial.
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields generated in mechanical workshops.

Note for use of COMPAC dial test indicators: With the measuring insert lying parallel to the workpiece surface (Fig. A), these dial test indicators give true reading due to the amplification factor to 1:1. In another measuring position (Fig. B), the effective lever length changes. The values indicated need to be corrected. With respect to this, also read the instruction manual.

No. Total travel, mm mm µm µm µm Ø mm Circular scale N≤ Insert L1, mm Price (£) Qty
242 0.80.011333270-40-00.2518148.00- +
242G 0.80.011333400-40-00.2518157.00- +
243L 0.50.011333.5270-25-00.1045151.00- +
243GL 0.50.011333.5400-25-00.1045160.00- +
245 0.20.00241.52270-10-00.2518159.00- +
245G 0.20.00241.52400-10-00.2518168.00- +

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